Thursday, October 22, 2020

PlastiQ Talks: Ranking Jeffree Star

Wether you love them or hate them Jeffree Star is definitely a leader in the makeup industry with every release selling...

Magnus Hastings – Stepping out of the box

We're sure you'll have seen some of his fabulous work so far, he's worked with many amazing people after all, but here's...

Who’s hungry for some Meat (Zine)?

BWD: What is Meat Zine for those who haven't heard of it?Adrian: Meat is a gay pin-up zine printed quarterly. The aim...

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Sam Dickinson goes Off Script!

To celebrate the release of his brand new album (available now) we caught up with Sam to get the 411 and dig...

Spotlight: Sister Sister

BWD: Give our viewers a little introduction to yourself?Sister Sister: Hiya chickens! No you’re not hallucinating. There’s no need to adjust your TV sets...

Choriza’s Tops – Drag Competitions (Beyond RuPaul)

MY TOP 5 DRAG COMPETITIONS (THAT ARE NOT DRAG RACE) Drag is becoming more and more mainstream all over...